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Contact lens Ophthalmologist In Exam Room

Don't let astigmatism hinder your vision. Call to schedule your appointment for a complete check-up today.

  • Enhance one's appearance

  • Ease of use

  • Improved peripheral vision

  • Helps correct certain ocular conditions

  • Convenient alternative to glasses

  • Available in cosmetic colors

Benefits of contact lenses

  • Astigmatism

  • Monovision

  • Distance / Near Combination or Bifocal

  • Dry Eye

  • Irregular Corneas

We have lenses for

We also Rx contacts for various sporting activities, as well as, for eye color changing situations.

Say yes to contact lenses

Great Lakes Family Vision prides itself as being one of the premier contact lens practices. Dr. Natale has fit the most difficult cases successfully where others have not been able. Fitting modalities are available for patients with astigmatism, dry eyes, irregular corneas, as for those who require a bifocal, while material technology continues to improve. In addition, soft contacts for cosmetic eye color changes are available. Today's parameter availability in contacts make for a 95% satisfaction rate and as always trial contacts are not a charged expense. Call today to set up an appointment for a fitting and to discuss some of the options available (1 day, 2 week, 1 month, toric, multifocal,rigid, gas permeable etc.)

Contact Lenses